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Wisconsin information

The Winnebago and other Indian tribes inhabited Wisconsin long ago, giving it a name meaning: "where the waters gather." The French settlers used a corrupted form of the name, which eventually evolved into its current name of Wisconsin.

When one thinks of Wisconsin, cheese, dairy products, and beer come to mind. Endearingly called Cheeseheads, Wisconsin residents thrive and make a living on their reputation for excellent dairy products. Cheese factories featuring local varieties of this dairy product are found throughout the state. While cheese and dairy products have given Wisconsin a great reputation, so has beer. That tradition continues with new microbreweries complementing established brewers. Undoubtedly, there is more to Wisconsin than cheese and beer. With a variety of geographic features, each area contributes its own singular character to the story of Wisconsin. Wisconsin appeals to the water lover with over 14,000 lakes, most the result of retreating glaciers; the Mississippi River on its western border; and two Great Lakes, Superior and Michigan.

The northern part of the state is truly an outdoor paradise. Vast tracts of wilderness, punctuated with lakes, rivers, and streams, offer the ideal escape from the concrete jungle. The Apostle Islands and the Lake Superior shore have been protected for all to enjoy. The Door Peninsula, a storybook setting with quaint little towns and special shops that typically hang their shingles in charming areas, draws great numbers of tourists to its prime location on the shores of Green Bay and Lake Michigan.

The Wisconsin Dells contain a spectacular river gorge that entices visitors with its scenic beauty and its commercial enterprises that provide entertainment for the entire family, from water parks to the scenery caused by water erosion. Wisconsin residents take advantage of their seasonal activities, participating in both summer and winter diversions with flair. Hikers, cyclists, skiers, and snowmobilers fully appreciate the extensive network of trails throughout the state.

It comes as no surprise that there are few large towns in Wisconsin with about 65 percent of the population living in urban areas. The two largest cities in Wisconsin are relatively small, an asset that the locals appreciate and the visitors welcome. Milwaukee, the beer capital and the largest city, enjoys a place on the shores of Lake Michigan. Throughout the summer it hosts a multitude of ethnic festivals representing an incredible number of groups. Madison, located between Lake Mendota and Lake Monona, considers itself both progressive and cultured. The number of people cycling throughout the town and enjoying other active pastimes attests to this. Culturally, the options include a symphony, opera, and theater as well as galleries and museums.

One of the state's great native sons was Frank Lloyd Wright, whose designs were inspired by the Wisconsin landscape and meant to harmonize with nature. Mostly located in the lower third of the state, nine of his buildings are open to the public.