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Iowa information

Iowa is not on many tourists' "must-see" list of vacation destinations, but that does not mean it has nothing to offer travelers. Many people simply pass through Iowa on their way to somewhere else, and then complain about it being boring. The scenery along interstates is rather monotonous, but once you venture off the well-traveled thoroughfares, you will find a state with a rich heritage, and people who have a genuine pride in where they live.

Some of Iowa's attractions include preserved villages that pay homage to their German and Dutch heritage, a geological phenomenon that otherwise occurs only on China's Yellow river, two movie sites, and beautiful topography in the state's northeast corner.

Iowa has some unique geological and cultural sites to explore, but what is going to make your Iowa travel experience the most meaningful is to slow down and take the time to talk to people. Have breakfast in a small town diner. Catch a minor league baseball game. Go to the state fair. Ask a farmer what he thinks of city folks. Part of the wonder of travel is to open yourself to new experiences, and to go home with a new perspective. If you allow yourself to experience Iowa, you may find it to be just the kind of place to open your mind.