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Delaware information

Delaware is a relatively flat state with gentle rolling hills in the north, wetlands along the eastern outskirts, and 25 miles of Atlantic coastline. Just 96 miles long and varying in width from 9 to 35 miles, it is the second-smallest state in the nation. Dover is the capital and Wilmington is the largest city.

The Atlantic Ocean and the Delaware Bay border Delaware, as do New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Maryland. Delaware shares a peninsula with the eastern edge of Maryland and Virginia--hence the regional name Delmarva Peninsula. The Mason-Dixon Line forms the state's southern and western borders, making it the only state to lie both north and east of the line.

Delaware has three major regions--northern, central, and southern--and only three counties statewide. New Castle County in northern Delaware is the largest and most densely populated. It is home to lush foliage and rolling hills, world-class museums, several theater troupes, concert halls, parks, and a minor-league baseball team. Kent County in central Delaware is known for its fertile farmlands. Today Kent is home to the state's capital, Dover Airforce Base, and several Fortune 500 corporations. Sussex County in southern Delaware is the most diverse area laying claim to resort, industrial, and agricultural communities. Thousands of visitors from other nearby Mid-Atlantic States flock to the county's beautiful beaches every summer.

More than 80 percent of Delaware residents live in metropolitan areas. The state's location affords easy access to major urban centers in the northeast. Washington, DC, Philadelphia, and Baltimore are all within a two-hour drive.

With its historic sites, beach resorts, and cultural attractions, Delaware truly offers something for everyone.