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California information

There is more to California than the glitzy attitude of Hollywood, warm sandy beaches, and earth-shaking quakes. As the third largest state in the U.S., California may be more diverse than any other state in the union, in terms of climate, geography, and population. Here you will find cultured metropolitan cities, small ocean side towns, vast expanses of wildlife preserves, and a concentration of amusement parks second only to Florida.

Californians are quick to assert their state's eclectic nature. Northern Californians and Southern Californians claim their differences from one another in earnest. These differences begin with the weather: The Sierra Nevada Mountain Range up north may be dotted with parka-clad skiers while tourists don shorts to roam the sunny streets of Los Angeles. But amidst all this diversity, perhaps the common thread that connects the state is the laid-back, open-minded attitude of many of its inhabitants.

And while California may seem gleaming and new, it does have a rich cultural history that can still be explored today. From the white, stucco Missions of early settlers to the small mining towns left behind by 49ers searching for the Mother Lode, California's history is preserved throughout the state.

Because of its size, California cannot be seen all in one trip, and, if you're like many visitors, you'll be drawn back by its numerous charms. See for yourself why this is the state that draws more than 51 million U.S. and international visitors each year.