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Arizona information

Few places in America offer such startling variety as Arizona. The washed palette of the desert is made all the more austere by the verdant landscape of resorts and golf courses. Native Americans were the first to settle here, and today their presence is still felt by the number of reservations dotting the state. Native American and Hispanic heritages complement the nostalgia of the Wild West. Along with the cultural diversity there are cosmopolitan cities that balance historic sites with fresh, progressive attitudes. This kaleidoscope of unique characteristics gives Arizona its unique personality.

Arizona was the last of the 48 adjoining continental states to enter the Union. Its name, taken from the Native American word arizonac, is believed to mean "place of the small spring." Ironically, the state's name reflects its most important concern: water. Dams and reservoirs on all the state's large rivers have made water more readily available, but conservation is still essential and as the population grows water issues are bound to remain major points of debate.

While the lack of water is an issue of concern, Arizona's dry climate is also one of the state's assets. Retirees and tourists like the warm weather, clear skies, and dry air, and often find that allergies and other respiratory problems disappear in the state's dry climate. The flip side is the air pollution from automobiles and mining. Most cities have standards in place to keep pollution low, but there are still days when a gray fog lingers.

Part of Arizona's allure is the exotic plants and animals found here. The Sonoran Desert is home to the prickly pear cactus, chollo cactus, giant saguaros, and the Joshua tree. Javelinas, or wild pigs, roam in small herds throughout the desert. You can also find the Gila monster, one of only two venomous lizards in North America; the coral snake; and eleven species of rattlesnakes.