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West Virginia information

West Virginia is the second least urbanized state in the nation, with only 36 percent of its inhabitants classified as city dwellers. The other two-thirds of the populace live in rural areas. As a result, visitors find the pace relaxed and the atmosphere friendly. And, because West Virginia is a buffer state, you'll notice residents reflect both Northern and Southern attitudes--especially throughout the Ohio River Valley--and Midwestern outlooks.

Perhaps the most common tie that binds West Virginians is their immense love for the great outdoors. This is also the primary reason that residents settle in the region. Imagine surrounding yourself with one million acres of magnificent mountains, beautiful highlands, and rolling plateaus. Recreational areas encompass two national parks, 36 state parks, two national forests, nine state forests, and 47 wildlife-management areas. With its placid lakes, raging rivers, and scenic vistas, it's easy to see how West Virginia gets its nickname--the Mountain State.

Forests, consisting mostly of hardwood trees, cover 80 percent of the state. Flatlands are located along the major river valleys. Lying within the Appalachian mountain system are the Ridge and Valley region and the Appalachian Plateau. The Eastern Panhandle lies in the Ridge and Valley region of the Appalachian Mountains. Here, narrow valleys separate heavily-forested mountain ridges. Immediately to the west is the Appalachian Plateau, which includes about five-sixths of the area of West Virginia.

Breathtaking panoramas, cultured metropolitan cities, and a host of year-round outdoor activities continue to attract visitors to West Virginia. The state's famous mineral springs, particularly White Sulphur Springs and Berkeley Springs, have revitalized weary travelers since colonial times. Seasonal festivals, glass-factory tours, and scenic railroad excursions in Cass are also a big draw. The area also appeals to Nordic and Alpine skiers.

West Virginia's inviting country roads take you home to a place where family life is a priority, community service second nature, and quality of life second to none.